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When Do I Need a Family Law Attorney?

When people think of family law, they often initially think about divorce. While divorce is a large part of what family law firms handle, it is only one of many issues that may arise in family law. There are family law concerns that may come up even before you get married, or even if you do not plan on getting married. In short, there are many times in which an experienced attorney can help you with family-related matters in Boca Raton or Fort Lauderdale.

Issues Before Marriage

If you are planning a wedding, you may want to consult with a family law attorney to protect yourself at a later date. Most engaged couples do not want to think about a future divorce, however sometimes it is important to discuss a premarital, or prenuptial agreement with your spouse-to-be. Such an agreement can protect your assets that you have going into the marriage, can set out guidelines for any spousal support, and can set directives for how a divorce will be handled in order to try to eliminate disputes at a later date.

Additionally, even if you never plan on getting married to a particular person, you may have family law matters with them. For example, many unmarried couples have to prove paternity in order for all parties to get full rights and responsibilities. If paternity is contested, you may have to bring an action in court to receive the child support you deserve, or for a father to get visitation rights.

Issues During Marriage

Even if divorce has not been discussed, you may need to contact a family law attorney at some point during your marriage. For example, if you are the victim of domestic violence, you may need to secure a restraining order to protect yourself and your children from future harm. After the initial temporary order, you will have to have a full court hearing to secure a permanent order of protection. You always want the help of an experienced domestic violence attorney in this situation.

Additionally, same-sex couples who validly marry in one state and then move to another may face significant family law challenges regarding parenting and other rights as spouses. Florida does not recognize gay marriage, therefore same-sex couples may run into several issues for which they may need the help of a lawyer and the courts.

After Marriage

Clearly, a family law attorney can help you through every aspect of divorce. Additional issues include, but are not limited to:

  • Child custody and support;
  • Spousal support;
  • Property division;
  • Business interests; and
  • Attorney’s fees.

Every divorce is different, although attorney Alan R. Burton can help with any of the issues that may arise in your particular case.

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