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Boynton Beach Child Support

When money and children are involved in family law cases, tensions are likely to run high. Child support cases are often contentious, and involved complicated calculations. If you are dealing with a child support case in Boynton Beach, contact my law office today. My name is Alan R. Burton, and I have practiced law for over 35 years. Having successfully represented countless clients in child support cases, I understand the Florida family law system. I am a dedicated legal advocate and will always strive to meet your legal goals. Contact me today at the office ((954) 229-1660 or my cell phone ((954) 295-9222) to talk about your case.

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Unlike some other types of family law cases, child support cases are often dictated by calculations. In other words, instead of focusing on discretionary factors, the law provides a clear calculation to determine child support. The two main parts of this calculation are each parent’s income and their “substantial parenting time.” Substantial parenting time is the number of days each parent spends with the child.

Recent changes to the law have reduced the amount of days that affect child support cases. Current law states that if a parent spends at least 73 days with the child, the parent’s child support obligation may be reconsidered. This means that when a parent takes advantage of their time-sharing and visitation, their child support obligation may be lowered.

Beyond making the original child support calculation, enforcing child support orders can be a daunting task. Some parents try to find loopholes in the law to decrease the amount they actually pay. For example, a parent may quit a well-paying job, thus decreasing the amount of income that would be used in the support calculation. Such action is voluntary impoverishment, and will not be tolerated by the courts. However, if such an issue comes up, you have to petition the court to enforce its order. Courts have a variety of legal tools, such as wage garnishment, to ensure that your child’s other parent makes their support payments.

If your circumstances change in a substantial way (other than voluntary impoverishment) you can ask the court to modify your child support order. If you lose your job, have another child, or have another major life change, the court can consider whether your support obligation should be decreased. Of course, if your income substantially increases, your child’s other parent may ask the court to increase your support obligation. Modifying child support orders is not a simple process. If you feel your support order should be changed, I can help guide you through the process.

Practiced Boynton Beach Child Support Attorney

Child support cases can be emotionally and financially challenging. To get through this process, it is important to find a dedicated, experienced family attorney. When hiring a child support attorney, ask whether they will be dedicated to your case. Find out whether your lawyer has the necessary experience and legal knowledge to get you results. For over 35 years, I have helped clients meet their goals and move forward with their lives. Contact me for more information and to discuss your child support case now.

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“I made the decision to go with Mr. Burton and it proved to be the best decision I could make as he was able to get my children back. Mr. Burton is a true professional, who knows the law and cares about the concerns of his client. I have never met an attorney who is as good as he is, and is as compassionate as well. I'm forever grateful for all that he has done.” Stefan B.
"Alan Burton represented me on a tough child support case. He was extremely professional, aggressive and ethical in the courtroom. He is very honest and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend him for any case, no questions asked. Thank you Mr. Burton for all of your help and support through this time." Abigail A.
"My experience with Alan Burton and Assoc. has always been positive. Using this firm for all my legal needs since the late 80's, I have referred other clients all with positive outcomes. Alan and his staff always complete and resolve his client's needs." Patricia S.